MISR Court No. 193 - Auxiliary of A.E.A.O.N.M.S.,PHA
The Beginning and Beyond

MISR Court No. 193
is a member of the Imperial Court, Daughters. PHA. The Imperial CourtDaughters. PHA, composed of female members, is an auxiliary of the Ancient Egyptian Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.E.A.O.N.M.S.), and was formally organized on August 24, 1910 in Detroit Michigan.  There were three groups of women in several cities where Shrine Temples were located (Maryland, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C.) that formed auxiliaries for the female relatives of the male members, but nothing had been done to formally organize them until the meeting in Detroit.
The purpose of the Imperial Court, Daughters PHA, is basic. The uniting of the relatives of all members of A.E.A.O.N.M.S. into one common bond of friendship, to practice charity and benevolence, and to inculcate honor and integrity as symbolized in the legend of the Egyptian Queen. On the national level, the Daughters PHA annually award four-year educational scholarships to deserving and needy women to attend colleges or universities of their choice.
The Order, like its male counterpart, accepts members without regard to race, creed, color or natural origin. Approximately five to ten percent of its present membership are non-black. There are courts throughout the United States, in the Bahamas, Canada, Europe, and the Far East. The membership is in excess of 12,000 women.
In January 1982, a group of ladies that were interested in becoming members of the D.O.I. PHA formed a "study club".   This study club would hold meetings at the homes of Beatrice Bennett and Shirley Jones.  At these meetings,  they would discuss why they were interested and how to become members of the Daughters of Isis.  They also had to  develop their Court By-Laws before they were initiated.  Imperial Deputy for the Desert of Maryland, Daughters PHA was Dt. Annie Johnson, Jerusalem Court #1.  Deputy Johnson was a very dedicated member of this great Sisterhood.  She was strict and made sure they were as dedicated as she was. 
On July 30, 1982, 23 members of the study club  were initiated into the Daughters. PHA.  They were created  at Bowie State University.  The creation ceremony was performed by Jerusalem Court No. 1.   MISR Court received its charter on August 27, 1983.  We were chartered as MISR COURT  No. 193, OASIS OF UPPER MARLBORO, DESERT OF MARYLAND
The top three Officers were:
   Illustrious Commandress - Beatrice Bennett *
1st Lieutenant Commandress - Shirley Jones
2nd Lieutenant Commandress - Sandra Sam
Other Chartered Members  included:
1.  Effie Adams                      11.  Sara Kea
2.  Dee Brown                       12.  Jessie Marcus *
3.  Brenda Darby               13.  Mimia McAlpine
4.  Marjorie Fowler              14.  Brenda Sam
5.  Pamela Gause                  15.  Donna Silas
6.  Julia Gay                          16.  Shirley Skinner *
7.  Brenda Henderson      17.  Ida Thomas
8.  Brenda Howard              18.  Janet White
9.  Beverly Jews                   19.  Maryland A. Young
10. Christine Jowers          20.  Lula L. Lang-Jeter
MISR Court No. 193 is proud to acknowledge our history makers:
First Mother and Daughter Team
PC Larolyn Young , Illustrious Commandress, 2007
PC Maryland Young, Imperial Deputy of the Oasis, 2007
Past Imperial Deputies for the Desert
HPIC Christine Jowers 1995-1997
PC Sylvia N. Grooms 2001-2003
HPIC Shirley J. Skinner * 2003-2005
Past Imperial Deputies of the Oasis
PC Beatrice Bennett 1985-1987
PC Jessie Marcus * 1987-1995
HPIC Shirley J. Skinner *1995-1999
PC Chardon Dingle 1999-2001
PC Maryland A. Young 2001-2010
PC Bobbie Jean Henry 2010-2013
PC Deblen Edge 2013 - 2015
PC Carol A. Williams - Present
Imperial Queen Daughters of Isis
Dt. Sheri L. Warner (2008-2009)
Dt. Kara Arrington (2011-2012)
Imperial Color Guard Competition
MISR Court No. 193 Color Guard ~ Second Place - 2006
Imperial Chantresses Competition
Dt. Joyce Ellison ~ First Place - Soloist - 2008
Imperial Sally Berry Fashion Show Awards
PC Bernice Reid ~ First Place - Evening Scene - 1991
Dt. Roberta Walls ~ Third Place - Formal Wear - 2007
Imperial Egyptian Parade of Stars
HPC Connie Collier ~ Second Place - 2004
Dt. Natasha Avery ~ Second Place ~ 2014
Imperial Equestrian Competition
MISR Court #193 Equestrian Team ~ First Place - 2009
Imperial Line Dance Competition
MISR Court #193 Misrvelous Divas ~ Third Place - 2012
MISR Court #193 Misrvelous Divas ~ Fourth Place - 2014
Commandress of the Year
Dt. Sheri Walker ~ 2014
*Denotes Deceased
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