MISR Court No. 193 - Auxiliary of A.E.A.O.N.M.S.,PHA


2017:  Imperial Session (Kansas City, MO)
  • Plaque - August 2016 donation, Sadie Mitchell Developmental Delay/Special Olympics
  • Certificate of Appreciation - United Negro College Fund
  • Certificate of Appreciation - March of Dimes
  • Certificate of Appreciation - Sadie Mitchell Developmental Delay/Special Olympics
  • Certificate of Appreciation - Community Involvement
  • Dt. Charlitha D. Hawkins - Military Daughter of the Year

  • MISR Court #193   Imperial Deputies for the Oases: PC Carol Williams
  • MISR Court #193 Illustrious Commandresses: Dt. Venus Drummond
  • MISR Court #193 Illustrious Treasurers: HPIC Christine Jowers
  • MISR Court #193 Illustrious Recordresses: Dt. Jeronica L. Plummer

Elected Desert Officers:
  • PC Deblen Edge                                 High Priestess/Desert S&D
  • HPIC Maryland A. Young                Desert Treasurer –Review of Desert By-Laws
  • Dt. Laverne Evans Desert                Assistant Recordress
  • Dt. Dt. Alana Smoaks                       2nd Ceremonial/Directress of Photography
  • Dt. Bonnie Buggs- Perow                  Inside Spy/Desert Fundraising Projects
  • Dt. Charlitha Hawkins                      Desert Deputy Marshals
  • Dt. Jeronica Plummer                       Desert Community/Charity Outreach                                                                                     Committee 

Desert Auditors:

  • Dt. Natasha Avery                               3 Year 
  • PC Roberta Walls                                2 Year
Desert Health Department and Health Special Projects
  • PC Bobbie Jean Henry
Registration Co-Chairperson 
  • HPIC Bernice Reid   Misr #193
Hospitality Members
  • PC Jan Blackwell-Robinson
Promotions/Publicity Chairperson
  • Dt. Charlitha D. Hawkins

Co-Chairperson Awards
  • Dt. Jeronica Plummer
MD Gala Marshals:
  • PC Lynise Robinson Misr #193
  • Dt. Charlitha Hawkins Misr #193
MD Nurses Unit
  • PC Bobbie Jean Henry
In Support of the MD Grand Lodge -Morgan State University Homecoming Parade
  • PC Jan Blackwell-Robinson
Imperial Deputy’s Award  of Excellence for Longevity and Outstanding Service
  • HPIC Bernice Reid
  • PC Bobbie Jean Henry
  • Dt. Natasha Avery
  • PC Jan Blackwell-Robinson
  • HPIC Christine Jowers
The Imperial Deputy for the Desert’s “Beyond the Call of Duty” Awards for Outstanding Work and Commitment to the Community
Outstanding Work and Commitment to the Community
  • Dt. Jeronica Plummer

  • Dt. Sheri Walker, received the honor of Illustrious Commandress of the Year!
  • Dt. Natasha Avery,placed 2nd in the Egyptian Parade of Stars: "The Legend of the Goddess Isis & the Sun God "Ra"
  • PC Roberta Walls, received Actual Commandress Degree
  • Dt. Joyce Ellison,received her Honorary Past Commandress Degree
  • PC Jan Blackwell Robinson,was congratulated for donating a basket of Pampering items for the Imperial Commandress’ Stay at Home Tea to be raffled off.
  • Relaxo-Imperial Directress HPIC Bernice Reid, received accolades for an extremely enjoyable and profitable Relaxo Activity
  • PC Bobbi Henry,  received Certificate of Appreciation for Imperial Deputy of the Oasis
  • PC Carol Williams,received Certificate of Appreciation for Charlie P. Albury Golden Years Mentoring Department.
  • UNFC -United Negro College Fund,MISR Court No. 193
  • Imperial Directress of Community Involvement, MISR Court No. 193

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