MISR Court No. 193 - Auxiliary of A.E.A.O.N.M.S.,PHA
SCRIPTURE:  Ephesians 4:2-4 & 16

THEME:             Faithfully United in Love: Recognizing and Reclaiming
MOTTO:             "Unity in Service Creates Positive Outcomes"

Heavenly Father, Most gracious God, my friend and my Lord; it is you, that is; was; and ever shall be my guide; my protector; and the love of my life.  God I thank you for giving me the opportunity to stand as a humble servant, sharing your spirit and wisdom in leadership.  The officers and members of MISR Court No. 193 have shown great confidence in me by electing me as their 34 Illustrious Commandress and I have humbly accepted.   Most gracious God help me to be the leader you would have me to be.  Father, I thank you for those who were chosen to work beside and with me as the Divan of this Court.  Continue to remind us that we need each other to be successful.  Teach each of us to be humble and patient.  As this year advances, I pray that you will move in front of us, to guide us in the direction you would have us to go, stand behind us when it seems the task is too difficult to complete to remind us that you have our back.  Let others see you in every work we do. Most of all, keep us faithfully united in love.  In your precious Son, Jesus name.  Amen.
To the officers and members of MISR Court No. 193, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your 34th Illustrious Commandress.  I have looked forward to this day since I began this journey as your Outside Spy over 8 years ago.  I stand before you today MISR Court No. 193 with my hands ready to serve and a heart ready to love.
Congratulations to the exceptional team of newly elected and appointed officers.  Together, we are moving forward as an unstoppable force for the positive growth of our Court and an outstanding example for our future leaders.
The goals for this year are to increase membership by reclaiming previous members and continuing to seek women who have a desire to be a part of the progress of our dynamic Court. Also let's recognize our own.  We have many dynamic women within our Court who have been a significant part of the progress of this organization and our communities who deserve to be celebrated.
We will continue to support and become a positive force in our community; work toward increasing our treasury; support our youth and their programs; support various community endeavors; provide donations and support to national organizations; support the goals of the Imperial Commandress and create an environment of unity within our Court and Temple.  It has been said that if you want something to happen quickly do it alone, but if you want something to go far, do it together.  Yes, there is strength and greater accomplishment as a unified body. 
MISR Court No. 193, I would also like to see an increase in proficiency through education and practice.  Let's show others how it's done.
The Past Commandress Council is our Court’s experienced body of knowledge.  My vision for this Council  is to continue the excellent work they began last year which included; a mentor program for the Divan; membership classes for new members;  the responsibility for awards determinations and the review of Honorary Past Commandress and Honorary Past Imperial Commandress degree applications.

I am so blessed to have Past Commandresses in this Court who truly understand the meaning of “Finer Womanhood.”  Many thanks, to all who have contributed toward my knowledge and elevation to the East. 

Looking from my vantage point in the East, I see a challenge, responsibility and a need for commitment.  But I also see a group of “Finer Women” who are ready to face that challenge, accept the responsibility and stand committed with me.  I know we will face challenges and problems along the way but, always remember, every miracle in the Bible started out as a problem.

I am excited and humbled to have this opportunity.  I look forward to a year of exceptional work with a group of smart, talented, faithful, committed, dynamic, driven, hardworking, strong, diverse, loving, capable, brave, significant and beautiful, finer women of God. 

MISR Court No. 193, I stand before you today, faithful to your trust, committed to our success and united with you in “Love.”  Stay committed, MISR Court No. 193…."God's got us, so don't you let go."
Dt. Bonnie Buggs-Perow
34th Illustrious Commandress
MISR Court No. 193
Daughter’s Year 2017
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